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Welcome to The Learning Service, Ltd.

In order to survive, thrive, grow and prosper in this world of ever increasing change, challenge, and transition, a high-functioning team with strong organizational awareness must be deveoped. We offer the formula for developmental success.

When you fuel the knowledge, skill levels, and abilities of your people, you contribute to the overall success of your entire organization. When you impact the performance of your people and promote behavioral change, you are moving your organization forward. In order to accomplish this, you need the "right" individuals to take you on that journey to success. The journey requires significant learning experiences to produce positive results. The journey requires The Learning Service, Ltd.

The Formula for Success is: Best Selling Authors and Master Story Tellers + Experience and Knowledge + World Class Performance-Based Training + Award Winning Inscape Publishing Tools + Blended Learning = Training That Makes a Difference and Produces Remarkable Results.

Best Selling Authors
Rose D. Sloat and Darryl S. Doane are best-selling authors for HRD Press (Human Resource Development Press), an international publisher located in Amherst, MA. For 30 years HRD Press had been providing training and human resources personnel with innovative products and solutions.

In addition, Darryl and Rose's book, The Customer Service Activity Book, 50 Activities for Inspiring Exceptional Service is published through The American Management Association (AMACOM) and has been translated into numerous languages including most recently the Czech language. (AMACOM Books, located in New York, NY is a highly respected international publisher.)
Master Story Tellers
Incorporated into every powerful program, individual coaching experience, keynote address, retreat, training cruise, etc. are unforgettable stories. These stories are powerful tools to assist in the learning process. Stories have been used as learning tools for centuries: from the teachings of Aristotle and Socrates to the parables and teachings of Christ, to the many myths, yarns, and anecdotes of people like Abraham Lincoln, Will Rogers, and so many of our greatest motivational speakers. We harness the power of good stories to strengthen and renew learning experiences, key concepts, and primary ideas.
Experience Plus Knowledge
Darryl and Rose bring over 40 combined years of knowledge to The Learning Service, Ltd., drawn from their educational, corporate and successful entrepreneurial experiences. They have touched the lives of thousands of individuals, helping them to "find their place to stand" by building strong foundations from which, with the appropriate knowledge and skills, they are able to achieve more success more often. (For more information about Darryl and Rose see the About Us page.)
World Class Performance Based Learning
Transferring what takes place in the classroom to the real world is the name of the game. Our Instructor led-participant driven, entertaining, highly interactive learning experiences produce positive performance and behavioral change. Rose and Darryl will take your team on a journey of discovery, awareness, and effectiveness, producing lasting results.
Award Winning Inscape Publishing Tools
For the past 15 years Rose and Darryl have been Inscape Publishing distributors. Inscape is the world leader in instrumented learning profiles and people-skills solutions. These learning tools are incorporated into numerous programs to enhance learning and awareness. They include such instruments as the DiSC® Classic, Personal Listening Profile®, The Everything DiSC® Classic Facilitation System, and the Everything DiSC® Sales and Management Applications. (See the Inscape Publishing page for further information on these programs and instruments.)
Blended Learning
Making training stick and be as effective as possible in producing the results organizations need often requires many paths of learning. Rose and Darryl offer a variety of approaches and curriculums to achieve learning objectives. These include highly interactive stand-up facilitated training, instrumented learning profiles, self-instructed learning, group and individual learning, team teaching, and powerful follow-ups. A blended learning approach addresses individual needs and does away with the "one size fits all" approach.
All of these items = the formula for success, training that truly does make a difference and produces remarkable results.


Life's Journey Magazine

The newest member of the Learning Service Family

Life's Journey
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It's All About You!

Our primary focus of attention is "you--the customer--your business, your concerns, your needs, and your continued success!" In that endeavor, we will provide an ongoing continuous process of learning through consistent and results-oriented learning experiences. We will build and develop a customer-responsive relationship with you and your organization that reflects, complements and supports the core values and culture of your company.

(What's in it for me?)

Here is what The Learning Service Ltd. will do for your organization:

  • balance your high tech with high touch (the human factor)
  • improve your interpersonal relationships
  • make your challenges easier to confront
  • positively impact your bottom line
  • have the people within your organiza tion feel more valued and appreciated
  • cause others (your customers) view you in a better light
  • improve the performance and behavior of your people
  • provide a valuable learning experience for your organization
  • produce lasting results and a continuous climate of learning

As performance-based consultants, trainers, facilitators, speakers, and presenters, our primary focus areas include:

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Sales Development and Effectiveness
  • Leadership and Management Skills for the 21st Century
  • Business Etiquette
  • Working with the Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Executive Coaching
  • Managing Change and Transition
  • Personal Listening Skills Development
  • Time Mastery
  • Team Development
  • Executive Coaching for Personal and Professional Growth

We are committed to your success. We are committed to helping organizations of all sizes and individuals access the knowledge and skills that will enable them to experience more success more often.

Please take the time to explore our books, programs, instrumented learning profiles and other offerings. We believe you will discover The Learning Service, Ltd. offers the most significant learning experiences that you and your organization can use to grow and prosper. Please share this journey of discovery and future success with us and others.

Thank you!

Darryl S. Doane and Rose D. Sloat, Managing Partners • The Learning Service, 2800 Market Avenue North, Suite 21, Canton, Ohio 44714

Ph: 330-456-2422 • Fax: 330-456-8944 • Email: