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About Us
Darryl Doane The Learning Service, Ltd. is a performance-based training company located in Canton, Ohio. Its major focus is in the areas of customer service, leadership/managerial skills development, time mastery, personal listening and sales training.

Darryl S. Doane and Rose D. Sloat are the Managing Partners.

For additional biographical information on Rose and Darryl click here.

Rose Sloat
They enhance the learning environment through:
  • Actual presentation of specific programs
  • Train-the-trainer programs for corporate staff
  • Consultative and resource services for programs obtained from The Learning Service, Ltd., or programs authored by them through HRD Press
  • Development of an ongoing (continuous improvement) learning process.

As authorized independent distributors for the Inscape Publishing Company, they supply reliable, cost-effective and easily integrated instrumented learning profiles, facilitator's kits and programs. The profiles provide a reliable individualized training process that contributes to long-term organizational results. Information about Inscape materials is available on this site.

Why Archimedes?
The Greek mathematician, engineer and intellect, Archimedes, was one of the most important minds in ancient history. He is reported to have made the statement that with a sufficiently long lever and fulcrum of sufficient strength he could lift the world. In paraphrasing the words of Archimedes, we came up with "if I could find my place to stand, I could move the world"  finally shortening it to "Find Your Place To Stand". 

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Darryl and Rose recently were interviewed on A Job Near Home, Inc. to share their entrepreneurial expertise with others.  The Learning Service, Ltd. was selected as a leading successful business in Northeast Ohio and was pleased to take part in these interviews. 

Click here to watch one or more of the interviews and have the opportunity to hear from the Managing Partners of The Learning Service, Ltd.


The Learning Service
Now is the time to make a difference--it may be the single most significant learning experience your company invests in and grows with.

Our goal is to assist you in finding your "place to stand" and then to build upon that base. Our programs impact behaviors in:
  • The leadership abilities of your people

  • Relationships between employees and management

  • Perception (awareness promotes effectiveness)

  • Time management

  • Coaching and reinforcing training

  • How people react and respond to change


Training for outbound calls to business customers was the focus of the training provided by The Learning Service with Darryl Doane and Rose Sloat. The training was broken down into segments that were easily understood and could be applied quickly to everyday calls. Darryl and Rose customized the training to fit our purpose, while maintaining the core values of the program. By completing the two-day course with Darryl and Rose, associates were able to develop their skills in a practical and organized manner. The Learning Service team is very professional, with excellent communication skills, providing quality training with a high focus on the customer.

Connie Corey
Call Center Manager
Diebold Direct
Diebold, Inc.

We are proud to be members of:

The American Society for Training and Development



Darryl S. Doane and Rose D. Sloat, Managing Partners • The Learning Service, 2800 Market Avenue North, Suite 21, Canton, Ohio 44714

Ph: 330-456-2422 = Fax: 330-456-8944 = Email: info@thelearningservice.com