“Life’s Journey is designed for those of us who are passionate about personal development. The authors give readers a simple framework to help them take stock of the direction they’re currently headed and encourage them to be deliberate about their future. Throughout the book, they offer thought provoking questions in a variety of different areas of life – those very fundamental questions that, for whatever reason, we simply never take the time to ask ourselves. In essence, this book provides a very personalized guide to helping readers understand themselves and where they hope to take their life.”

– Mark Scullard – Author, Ph.D., I/O Psychologist.


National business Gurus, esteemed consultants and educators; Rose D. Sloat and Darryl S. Doane, this time with the added input of psychologist Dr. David S. Doane have done it again, adding to their series of wonderfully helpful books on life and business. Life’s Journey: Find Your Place to Stand and Build the Right Future, is an easy to read, practical guide to business (and life) success from the inside out. There’s even a workbook to help you along the way. Put this one on your must read list. Founders of The Learning Service, Ltd., their personal success adds credibility to what they teach.

As a practicing psychologist and business coach, I resonate with their inside out approach to life success. Get your priorities straight, set your goals, and the author’s wise wisdom will help you achieve them. This is a book well worth reading.

Dr. Dorree Lynn, PhD, is a practicing psychologist and is also AARP’s Media “Sexpert” and has her own segment, “On the Couch” on AARP TV, PBS. She is a sought-after speaker, media expert, and author. Her latest book is: Sex for Grownups: Dr. Dorree Reveals the Truths, Lies, and Must-Tries for Great Sex After 50 (HCI Books, April 2010).


If you want to truly succeed in life you have to have a plan and process. “Life’s Journey” guides you to develop both your personal plan and the action steps to significantly impact your own destiny! Timothy Dimoff, CEO/President and National Author

The primary purpose of this work is to elevate an individual’s awareness of self. To focus their attention on where they are currently at in their life and project to where they desire, want and need to be in order to significantly impact their own destiny, their course of action and to achieve their right future.


My first impression when I opened the PDF files and scanned this book was, “Wow! There’s sure a lot of thought and creative energy that went into this venture.” As I viewed the 27 ‘Right Life Units’ and the right/correct way to use the book, I felt overwhelmed. I began to wonder about what appeared to be the over-use of the term ‘Right!’ This led to my conjecturing about polarities and opposites of ‘Right’, like ‘Incorrect’, ‘Erroneous’, ‘Wrong’, ‘Mistaken’ and ‘Bad’. I soon discovered, however, that the very naming of their ‘Life Units’ created more interest and as I proceeded to read I became curious and desirous of knowing more.

As I read on, I discovered the book to be well thought out and exceedingly well organized as a self-help book. It is packed full of practical ideas and tools to facilitate practically anyone who can read through a purposeful journey of change grounded in sound philosophical values for living life to its fullest. Awareness is a key foundation in their work, for without awareness, one will not know where to begin or end their life’s journey. As in Gestalt psychotherapy theory and practice, awareness is both a “process or means to an end” and “the end or goal in itself.”

As a psychotherapist and professor who has taught and supervised graduate students studying to become counselors, therapists and fellow professors, I found the sections in each unit, “Musings from the Doctor,” by Dr. David Doane (the principal author’s big brother) to be of particular interest. As has been my experience of Dave ever since our first meeting over 40 years ago, he has exceptional insight into human behavior and life’s dilemmas, paired with therapeutic compassion and professional skills that both touch one’s soul and heal life’s wounds.

As I read this book I was reminded of Fritz Perls’ Ego, Hunger and Aggression (1946), Carl Rogers’ On Becoming A Person (1961), Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning (1963), Muriel Schiffman’s Gestalt Self-Therapy Techniques for Personal Growth (1967), and John Steven’s Awareness: Exploring, Experimenting, Experiencing (1971), all were self-help books I treasured and asked my students to read as a young professor. Compared to these and the hundreds of self-help books on the market that followed in the past 40 – 50 years, I find this one by Darryl Doane and Rose Sloat, with Dave Doane’s therapeutic insights, to be amongst the very best. Its level of integrity, its style of presentation, its adaptability and utility for multiple audiences, and its content will readily facilitate those who use it to more clearly and easily identify the steps in their journey, explore their ambitions, establish their objectives, and achieve their life goals. It is a book I will have on hand in my private practice for my clients to use and at the University for graduate students in my Gestalt Therapy classes.

Dr. Ansel Woldt is Professor Emeritus at Kent State University where he has taught and served as advisor for over 100 Ph.D. graduates, including Dr. David Doane. Ansel maintains a private practice in Kent, Ohio, is a world-wide leader in the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy, and trains Gestalt therapists internationally. He is co-editor and author of the best-selling contemporary psychotherapy textbook: Gestalt Therapy: History, Theory and Practice, Sage Publications (2005).


As a professional educator and professor of philosophy of education for almost 40 years, I judge the Life’s Journey materials to be truly outstanding. Their basic idea of going within is crucial and is often neglected. It is highly powerful. The materials are self-help guides to becoming unusually healthy and unusually wise. People of all ages and occupations, including those aspiring to be leaders in business or government, and students in some elementary and high school classes would greatly profit by the use of these materials. As a result of using these materials, one has a greater chance of becoming one’s own Oracle.

Conrad P. Pritscher, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus, Bowling Green State University


Here is a testimonial for our program, Let the Journey Begin.

Darryl & Rose:

Thank you for the time, effort and energy you put into Friday’s seminar on your new book, Life’s Journey! I’ve read quite a few self-help genre books. These include many books about dreams, goals and self-analysis. The intriguing thing about your seminar was the fact the authors were holding the meeting to introduce and instruct how to use their self-help process. I’ve never experienced this, from any of the authors of the other books. So, it was an additional wonderful surprise to learn from you both your book not only looks at the process of figuring out your life in an exciting new way, but that you also welcome past attendees to future meetings to help them in the process. This demonstrates you both believe in your work and truly want to provide a valuable service to the readers. I truly appreciate this sincere gesture, from The Learning Service!

I will be following your process for the Life’s Journey system to the letter. Your advice was great on Friday! Most people look at “fixing” their lives as this complete, huge, complex beast of a project. They take all the new information from the new book and create a mega project doomed for failure before it starts. Your advice was simple and prevents one from biting off more than you can chew. I believe your statement was “…you have spent your entire life to become the person you currently are, with all your experiences and decisions, so, you won’t be able to change habits or path in life overnight…”. From my cursory overview of the book and system, you’ve made it ever so easy to dial in your focus on individual areas of your life, without getting mired in the possible minutia of detail. Between your seminar and my review of the material this weekend, I had this blinding flash of the obvious and am even more excited to begin the process!


Brian L. Bowers