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Both the New Sales Game and their brand new book, Excuses, Excuses, Excuses, are solid training pieces, destined to become standards in the training and learning industry.
Sam Brown, Director of Organizational Learning, Applied Industrial Technologies.

Rose Sloat and Darryl Doane


Life's Journey

Create a master plan of your right future

Life's Journey
Find Your Place to Stand and Build the Right Future

Darryl S. Doane

and Rose D. Sloat

Paperback $24.95 (Purchase both the Life's Journey book & Journal in a pack for $34.95)

T o truly succeed in business and life, you need a plan and a process. Life's Journey guides you in developing both. It is packed full of practical ideas, tools and action steps both individuals and organizations need to take stock of where they currently are, set their goals and priorities and achieve them.

The book will systematically help you:

  • Identify forces in your life that are significant factors right now
  • Encourage you to take charge of your life
  • Direct you to make specific decisions that positively impact your life
  • Empower you to take action for positive change
  • Provide the means to take control of your own future

The book is organized into 27 life units that represent the steps in your journey. They focus on values, partnerships, passion, creativity, dreams, confidence and 21 other areas of life. Each life unit includes three sections. Insights are thought-provoking and fundamental questions we never take time to ask ourselves. Musings from the Doctor are comments from Dr. Doane that will give you additional insight. Life Unit Discoveries will help you determine the actions, behavior, knowledge and skills that will move you to your future.

Designed to stimulate self-inquiry, Life's Journey asks the tough questions: What do you really care about? What do you value about yourself? Do you listen to others? Communicate your feelings? What is your attitude toward change? Easy-to-read and practical, this guide to business and life success from the inside out will be valuable to people of all ages and occupations, especially supervisors, managers and leaders who want the deeper self-awareness required to advance in their careers.

Ohioana Discussion Panel

OHIOANA Book Festival Panel Discussion Non-fiction: Soul & Inspiration Panelists: Matt Livigni, David S. Doane, Darryl S. Doane, Rose D. Sloat.

Life's Journey Journal

Take the next step towards your right future

Life's Journey
Personal Journal

Darryl S. Doane

and Rose D. Sloat

Paperback $14.95 (Purchase both the Life's Journey book & Journal in a pack for $34.95)

Y ou've read Life's Journey: Find Your Place to Stand and Build the Right Future. You've created a master plan and action steps for creating your own future. Where do you go from here? Take the next steps with Life's Journey: A Personal Journal. This companion book draws on all you learned about yourself in the authors' first book to take you even farther along your journey. If you need an extra dose of motivation, this journal is just the thing to help you stay focused and committed.

A journey begins with one step at a time. This journal provides more than 65 lined pages which you can date and use to record your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly progress. Use it to document your questions, concerns and feelings and you'll have an insightful and revealing record you can go back to and review from time to time. The authors introduce a unique “wheel of focus” which is important. It will help you figure out what tools, knowledge and skills will be required to successfully make your trip. It also will help with one of the most difficult parts of the process – taking specific actions. Interspersed throughout the journal are quotes from famous thinkers – such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Benjamin Franklin and Socrates – that are motivating and interesting and add depth to the pages.

Dedicate yourself to using this journal and you'll gain a visual awareness of:

  • Where you are right now and where you want to be
  • Your strengths
  • Opportunities for improvement and growth
  • Your pros and cons, pluses and minuses
  • The total package that makes you who you are

Ohioana Display Table

OHIOANA Book Festival Authors David S. Doane, Rose D. Sloat, Darryl S. Doane.

The Constant Customer The Constant Customer
Keep them coming back again and again and again...

Darryl S. Doane
and Rose D. Sloat
Paperback $14.95

T hese are trying times. The economy has created an environment that forces customers to make more decisions, be more selective and cut back on items they may not have given a second thought to only a year ago. can you ensure your company survives and thrives? The Constant Customer has the answer. It lays out the necessary guidelines to establishing the proper environment for the constant customer who comes back again and again and again.

This book contains guidelines, suggestions, insights and actions to help you:

  • Re-evaluate your relationship with and focus on that individual who must be at the center of your organization – the customer
  • Make the customer your 24/7 focus
  • Begin an unending quest to deliver exceptional service
  • Leave a memorable imprint on the customer's perception of you
  • Bring customers back time and time again
  • Make "people dealing with people" a true differentiator for your business
  • Build a friendly, cooperative, comfortable environment as perceived by the customer

The final chapter offers actions to be taken immediately including always taking care of your customer, getting to know your customer's business as well as you know your own, establishing trust, willingly educating your customers on your business, surprising your customers daily with your service and dealing with service problems and issues immediately.

Obtaining the constant customer is not a spectator sport – it involves a total immersion and complete involvement. The Constant Customer will instill in you a devotion to these ideas and to creating an environment in which they can flourish.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses...
For Not Delivering Excellent Customer Service, and What Should Happen!

Darryl S. Doane
and Rose D. Sloat
Paperback $12.95

This book is for any company, business, or organization that deals with customers and has a passionate desire to survive. We've all been customers ourselves, and we're tired--tired of inadequate service, a lack of concern, and a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. We're tired of being told everything under the sun except that which we long to hear, "How may I help you?" followed by the appropriate action. This book is about excuses we both hear and use for not giving excellent customer service and how to shoot those excuses down.

Excuses are those obstacles we ourselves--employees in the service industry--create for not doing those things we have an inherent responsibility to provide the customer with--excellent professional service and in a caring, friendly and consistent manner. What is offered here are the excuses we use far too often, and more importantly, what we should say and do instead because there are no excuses for not delivering excellent customer service!

Selected Contents

  • Delivering Excellent Customer Service
  • Practice the Golden Rule
  • Check Out Your Work Environment
  • Be a Master at What You Do!
  • You Can't Put It Back!
  • Exploring the Mind of Your Customer
  • Profit Is Not a Dirty Word
  • Caring—Attitude
  • A Little Story
  • Wouldn't It Be Nice
  • Common Sense Still Goes a Long Way
Good Training Tool, June 8, 2005
Reviewer: Kevin Killian (San Francisco, CA United States)
EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES may be one of the most important training tools for all of your employees. They don't have to be the ones on the "front lines," people manning the phones or e-mail contacts for customer service. Doane and his partner, Rose Sloat, have diagnosed the problem of faulty customer service and they accurately see it as a pandemic that proceeds from the top down. Let's face it, if your CEO could care less about customer service, none of your customers are going to find you have made it a priority. That's why this book may actually turn the tide in a beleaguered industry.

Everyone wants to be shown a little respect. We've all been through situations in which, for one reason or another, we have been treated badly and we would like redress. As Doane and Sloat point out, this happens in our personal lives as well. Customers return to sites of commerce where they have been recognized as human, interpellated and really "seen," sometimes for the first time. However we all have our excuses for why we really didn't go the whole nine yards for our customers. And one of them might well be, "It is not our company policy to please our customers." Let's face it, there are many organizations, even service organizations, in which customers are not as important as, say, overhead or bottom-line profitability. And the short-sighted cost-cutters often argue that "we don't really need customer service because they're going to buy from us anyhow."

Wrong! That's just another excuse, in the finely tuned analysis of Canton, Ohio-based educators Darryl Doane and Rose D. Sloat. Their book is by turns hard-hitting and sort of humorous, with many a doleful anecdote. It reads very easily. It could have been a bit longer I think. But hopefully they will have a sequel of sorts coming out through their innovative "Learning Service" family of experiences. Listen to these two. They have been there, on both sides of the fence, and they know of whereof they speak.

"This is a book that will help anyone who deals with customers. It is a wonderful blend of wisdom and insight that deals with the every day relationships between the customer and service representative."
Joe Breniser, President, Creative Training Institute

"An exceptional Tool Kit, that is a must for every employee in an organization that has communications with customers. Professional, insightful, real-life responses to everyday customer service situations. Enjoyable, funny, easy to read handbook that puts the customer at the center of your organization."
Diane Erickson, Former Director of Special Projects, Danner Press

The New Sales Game©

The New Sales Game©

Darryl S. Doane
and Rose D. Sloat
The complete training package includes: A comprehensive Leader's Guide, one Participation Booklet, one Customer Focus Tool, transparency masters, game board and playing materials.

The   New Sales Game© is a
highly interactive, one-day, facilitated program that uses presentations, group discussion, games, and activities to help sales representatives better understand their customers and develop strategies to become more effective solution providers. Participants will evaluate where they are, and where they need to be through a creative Customer Focus Tool and an easy-to-implement Action Plan. The training concludes with an entertaining group game to drive home key points. 

"The New Sales Game is a great training tool to help your sales group initiate change and break out of old,  outdated, selling habits. Not only does this package help you to visualize the big picture, but it also offers specific steps and action items
to reach your individual goals. It's a great value!"
Tom Bolerjack, Former Sales Representative, Danner Press

"Two thumbs up for The New Sales Game." 
Roy Mayers, President and CEO, Hess Management Company

Customer Service Activity Book

Powerful training exercises for creating top-notch customer service!

From seasoned veterans to first-timers, any instructor, trainer, manager, consultant, or coach charged with improving customer service will find The Customer Service Activity Book a powerful resource. The activities can easily be used as a complete customer service training program or customized and used individually to address areas of concern.

The Customer Service Activity Book presents an array of dynamic and engaging activities that:

• Reinforce what good customer service is —and is not
• Demonstrate how to work together most constructively and efficiently
• Prove the value and the importance of "sharing the load"
• Show how to increase productivity and performance while enhancing relationships with customers

Assembling 20 years of sales and customer service experiences in a wide variety of industries, The Customer Service Activity Book is a treasure trove of exercises for enhancing the quality of any customer service training program.

Stories They Will Remember
Darryl S. Doane
and Rose D. Sloat
Paperback $19.95
Have you ever needed just the right story to drive home your message in a speech, presentation, training session or meeting? Then this book is for you.
Stories They Will Remember contains a collection of 40 powerful stories gathered by training and development specialists Rose Sloat and Darryl Doane over 30 years of personal and professional experiences.
It is written for trainers, consultants, motivational speakers, CEO's, department heads, supervisors, managers, teachers - anyone who wants to connect with audiences and leave a lasting impression.
Storytelling is a recognized and established tool to build recognition and ownership of "what is right" within an organization...increase the cohesiveness of teams...and touch the hearts of others. Yet many professionals don't take full advantage of storytelling because they are unsure how to tell the right story - at the right time.
In this practical book, the authors discuss each story and its various applications to help make it easy for you to select the best story for your situation. they also include guidelines for developing your own personal stories.
Each of the sections is organized as follows:

∙Applications - suggestions for using the story, including three key applications
∙The actual story
∙Other insights - questions, comments, ideas and food for thought designed to spur your creativity as you apply the story.

"I found the Stories They Will Remember book to be very entertaining and thought provoking.  The suggestions for various applications which are included with each story are very useful."         Robert Keane, Keane Insurance Agency Inc.

50 Activities for Achieving
Excellent Customer Service

Darryl S. Doane
and Rose D. Sloat


Training Methods

  • Role plays Assessments Brainstorming
  • Listening exercises

    This resource manual provides:
    1. Activities that are sensitive to the new revolution taking place in customer service and meeting customer demands. Identification and creation of memorable experiences for your customer service representatives and their customers A valuable treasure of resources whether you are a seasoned veteran, a trainer/facilitator with middle of the road years of experience, or a newcomer or occasional trainer. 50 high quality activities which may be easily aligned with the specific needs and identified competencies within your customer service area. User friendly activities which take you step by step through the training process, allowing you to easily deliver high impact training that makes a difference. Activities which are easily customized to your needs and include a number of variations and additional insights and ideas to make them the “right fit” for your programs. A CD Documenter to identify and develop your own customized collection of customer service interactions within your organization. Powerful bonus sections are included to complement and support your customer service core values and enhance performance. A complementary copy of Excuses, Excuses, Excuses...For Not Delivering Excellent Customer Service—And What Should Happen!
    2. Effective tools to assist you in attaining the next level of success with that individual who needs to be your primary focus—the Customer!

Time GuidelinesActivities take between 15 minutes and one hour.

Our publishers include HRD Press and AMACOM (American Management Association) 


Darryl S. Doane and Rose D. Sloat, Managing Partners • The Learning Service, 2800 Market Avenue North, Suite 21, Canton, Ohio 44714

Ph: 330-456-2422 = Fax: 330-456-8944 = Email: info@thelearningservice.com