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Super Service Skills™ that make a statement.

Excellent to Exceptional Service

      Optimizing Customer Service Interaction

Course Description - Two-Day Program

This two-day highly interactive skill building program will present the necessary challenges which must be met to move from ho-hum, to good, to excellent, to exceptional customer service. It describes the new environment necessary to promote customer-responsive relationships. This program will help participants to:
  • Identify and understand their own DiSC® behavior and adapt to your customers' behavioral style.
  • Develop first class competencies in meeting the service needs of your customers.
  • Increase professionalism by optimizing every customer service interaction.
  • Use effective telephone techniques.
  • Probe the mind of your customer and know how and when to close.
  • Manage special service situations
  • Handling complaints and defusing anger while dealing with uncomfortable situations.
  • Create a “service environment™” to establish an ongoing customer-responsive relationship that will produce a “Constant Customer. ™”

Target Audience

Customer service and sales representatives at all levels, customer service representatives needing to fine tune their existing skills, and managers and supervisors who work directly with customer service representatives. Those at all levels of customer service who desire to be exceptional in the relationships they develop and the service they deliver to their customers.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:
  • Identify their own personal behavioral style, their customer's behavioral style, and develop techniques for more positive interaction with them.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior and habits of exceptional customer service.
  • Establish the necessary environment in which the “Constant Customer. ™” will thrive.
  • Identify and demonstrate effective telephone techniques.
  • Identify a customer's real needs and apply effective closing techniques.
  • Implement techniques to deal with uncomfortable situations.
  • Use the RESPOND process, to resolve customers' special needs.
  • Prepare an action plan-“Constant Customer Credo” for implementation of the skills and behaviors required to take customer service to the next level.
  • Extraordinary Sales that Produce Results

          Step up and move forward!

    Day One - Everything DiSC Sales

    PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Everything DiSC® Sales uses DiSC® to help salespeople communicate better and improve their sales relationships.

    Participants are introduced to the Everything DiSC Sales Map, which informs each step of the process.

    • Discover your DiSC style, priorities, strengths, and challenges
    • Recognize and understand your customers' buying styles
    • Learn to navigate from you to your customers
    • Discover the Everything DiSC Sales Map
    • Identify the priorities of your sales style
    • Practice what you've learned about your sales priorities
    • Reflect on how DiSC can improve your sales interactions
    • Learn a process for placing customers on the Everything DiSC® Sales Map
    • Practice the customer-mapping process
    • Explore the priorities that drive each customer buying style
    • Map the buying styles of your customers
    • Explore how failing to adapt can interfere with the sales process
    • Discover how to adapt for better outcomes with customers
    • Practice adapting to a specific customer
    • Develop a plan to improve sales interactions with this customer
    • Practice customer-mapping techniques
    • Explore strategies for adapting to actual customers
    End Day One.

    Day Two - Understanding Sales Realities

    Understanding Sales
    • The Rules of the Game
      • Perception
      • Paradigms
    • Buying Criteria of Customers
    • Two Basic Buying Behaviors
      • Transactional
      • Consultative
    • Understanding Different Buying Behaviors – What Customers really want
    • Approach and Selling Styles
    • Moving beyond the elevator speech and developing your value proposition
    • Relationship of DiSC® to Buying and Selling Styles
    • Qualifying Opportunities – Four Criteria
    • Exploratory Questions
    • Asking for the order
      • Closing Techniques
      • Dealing with Objections
    • The Strategy of the Sales Funnel
    • Ways to Close more Sales
    Sales Realities
    • Reality of Today's Selling Environment
    • Beware the account management trap
    • What does your real pipeline look like?
    • Do you understand your hit rate?
    • The critical importance of prospecting
    • Understanding your prospects needs
    • Less time to sell-Less time to succeed – What is the best use of my time?
    • Continually moving the sales forward

    Leadership Actions and Behaviors to Live by

    Leadership in the 21st Century-

          an ongoing process of development to produce sustainable results.

    Note: We recommend that this curriculum follow an 18 to 24 month timeframe with presentations given at 3 or 4 month intervals for maximum reinforcement of knowledge and skills.

    We need leaders who understand that it is people who make things happen, and leaders need the support of the people to achieve organizational goals and to live the values of the corporation.

    "The success of your organization depends upon the

    performance of your people."

    The Learning Service, Ltd.

    Leaders establish and set "what is right" for their fellow associates. It is the people in your organization who deliver on critical issues. It is your people who ensure your ability to compete globally. It is your people who need to be creative, innovative, and responsive to change. It is your people who determine whether your customers are loyal or not. It is your leaders who create the environment that your people work in.

    Only an ongoing process of development will produce sustainable results. There is no “quick fix.” Behavioral change takes time.

    Focus One - Focus on Self

    Duration: Two days per group (15-20 participants)

    Profiles Used:

    • Work Expectations (EPIC)
    • Work Expectations Group Report (EPIC)
    • Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders (EPIC)
    • DiSC® Facilitator Report (EPIC)

      Key Competencies and Benefits
    • Self-awareness
    • Personal Responsibility
    • Management of Work Expectations
    • Building Relationships
    • Building Trust
    • Coaching and Counseling Skills

    Overview of Content
    • Work of Leaders connects to real-world demands, generating powerful conversations that provide a clear path for action. Using the framework of Vision, Alignment, and Execution, Work of Leaders encourages leaders to understand their own leadership behaviors and how they impact their effectiveness.
    • Developing Action Plans for creating a work environment that will attract and retain the best people
    • Understanding the impact that employee expectations have on performance, commitment and job satisfaction
    • Using the Work Expectations Profile to measure your own and employee's expectations
    • Coaching employees to take responsibility for their own expectations
    • Increasing employee (personal) responsibility
    • Application-preparation for applying skills and knowledge back in the workplace

    Follow-up-Making It Happen!
    • Individuals in the program may take those in their charge through a DiSC® instrument and Work Expectations Profiles. Use the Group Facilitator Report (DiSC) to enhance relationships (external/internal) and the Work Expectations to clarify employee expectations and respond appropriately.

    Focus Two - Focus on Listening and Differences

    Duration: Two days per group (15-20 participants)

    Profiles Used:

    • Personal Listening Profile (EPIC)
    • Personal Listening Profile Facilitator Report (EPIC)
    • Discovering Diversity Profile (EPIC)
    • Discovering Diversity Profile Group Report (EPIC)

    Key Competencies and Benefits
    • Effective Listening
    • Becoming a purposeful listener
    • More productive communication
    • Understanding, accepting, and dealing with differences
    • Gain increased knowledge about people who are different
    • Learn the diversity process for improving relationships
    • Learn to create an environment that is conducive to having associates motivate themselves to perform at their best

    Overview of Content
    • Increasing communication skills by developing listening adaptability
    • Responding to the sender based upon the purpose for which a message is sent
    • Understand the factors that impact ability to deal with people whom are different
    • Interpretation of and understanding the Discovering Diversity Profile results and identifying areas of improvement
    • Identifying personal beliefs that can be barriers to accepting people who are Different and separating fact from fiction-stereotypes
    • Developing the understanding, acceptance, and interpersonal skills for dealing with differences for those in your charge (team)
    • Preparing Action Plans to use with teams

    Follow-up-Making It Happen!
    • Individuals in the program may take those in their charge through the Personal Listening Profile (EPIC), and through the use of the Personal Listening Facilitator's report, utilize this information to improve communication for their team. Through the use of handouts provided, individuals will facilitate discussions with those in their charge about handling differences and the impact that differences have on their team.

    Focus Three - Focus on Stress and Change

    Duration: Two days per group (15-20 participants)

    Profiles and Book Used:

    • Coping and Stress Profile (EPIC)
    • Transition-The Personal Path Through Change

    Key Competencies and Benefits
    • Performing under pressure
    • Diagnosing performance problems
    • Dealing with change
    • Understanding and dealing with transition
    • Resistance to acceptance to action

    Overview of Content
    • Understanding the factors that increase the pressure to perform
    • How pressure turns into stress
    • Interpretation and review of copi8ng skills for dealing with pressure and stress from use of the Coping & Stress Profile
    • Increasing performance under pressure
    • Helping your associates to improve their performance under pressure
    • Understanding change and experiencing transition-a personal path through change
    • Identifying and implementing the transition model
    • Moving through change with associates and determining specific actions to effectively deal with it

    Follow-up-Making It Happen!
    • Individuals in the program will help associates to improve performance under pressure and develop specific actions for implementation for dealing with work-related change their associates are experiencing

    Focus Four - Focus on Time and Team

    Duration: Two days per group (15-20 participants)

    Profiles Used:

    • Time Mastery Profile (EPIC)
    • Time Mastery Profile Facilitator's Report (EPIC)
    • Team Dimensions Profile (EPIC)

    Key Competencies and Benefits
    • Doing the right thing at the right time
    • Learn how to manage time more effectively
    • Identifying their own natural approach to achieving results when working with a group
    • Turning ideas into achievable outcomes

    Overview of Content
    • Identifying strengths and areas for improvement in twelve time management categories
    • Planning and implementing effective time management strategies
    • Developing a plan for more effective use of time within your team
    • Understanding that the successful achievement of team goals and objectives requires an innovative approach
    • Understanding and capitalizing on individual approaches to group processes to create high performance teams

    Follow-up-Making It Happen!
    • Use of plan to implement more effective use of time within your team
    • May take associates through the Team Dimensions Profile and introduce them to the Z-Process
    • Look for opportunities to maximize individual contributions for total team results

    Focus Five - Executive Coaching
    Everything DiSC® 363™ for Leaders and Executive Coaching

    Webinar or facilitated meeting and Teleconferences or individual meetings Everything DiSC® 363™ for Leaders
    Many of us struggle with juggling the roles of manager and leader. Now we have a working tool that clears out the confusion, provides a clear assessment of how we do our work, and gives us direction on how to proceed.

    The researchers at Inscape Publishing did a comprehensive analysis of current and traditional leadership theories and created a brand new interpersonal leadership model with 8 Leadership Approaches. It incorporates the best ideas of such authors as: Jack Zenger, Jim Kouses, Barry Posner, Peter Drucker, John Kotter, Jack Welch, Daniel Goleman, Peter Senge, Jim Collins to name just a few.

    But Everything DiSC® 363™ for Leaders isn't just any 360. It combines the best of 360s with the simplicity and power of DiSC. Plus, you'll get three strategies for improving leadership effectiveness. The result is a 360 experience that's more productive and satisfying.

    Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders is meant for anyone who wants to use 360° feedback as part of their leadership development, whether they're an emerging leader or an experienced executive. Rather than collecting open-ended comments that can be unhelpful, 363 uses a selectable comments feature, CommentSmart Technology, which provides more richness and context to the report.

    In addition, with every profile you have the option of generating the Everything DiSC 363 Coaching Supplement at no additional charge. This free report gives the coach supplemental information to help coach the leader through the 363 report.

    A facilitated meeting consisting of one 2 hour module to provide a general review of the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders profile.

    Executive Coaching consists of six individual teleconference or individual (in person) sessions.

    Individual coaching for each participant conducted through teleconference meetings lasting between 60 to 90 minutes once a month for a period of six months.

    The Everything DiSC 363 Coaching Supplement will be utilized to give supplemental information to help coach the leader through the 363 report and the six executive coaching sessions.

    Everything DiSC® Leadership 363™ and Executive Coaching

    Executive Coaching Sessions - General Overview

    Session One

    • What has happened up to this point in time?
    • Tell us about yourself.
    • Your relationship with __________.
    • Other items to share.
    • Coaching - a process of awareness . . . (Handout)
    • Expectations
    • Mind-map
    • Profile (s) - These usually are assigned in advance of the first session.
    • Other areas of concern - Ex. Delegation.
    • Goals for the year
    • Assignments – Mind Map, Profile, Goals

    Session Two

    • Review assignments
    • Mind Map
    • Profile
    • Goals
    • Introduce Goal Action card
    • Other areas of concern – delegation skills
    • Specific actions to be taken
    • Assignments – Stress Profile, Work on Action Cards

    Session Three

    • Stress Profile discussion and action plan
    • Comparison reports
    • Assignments – Stress profile action plans, discuss comparison report results with each person in your charge (this may take 2 or 3 sessions to cover), take Personal Listening Profile.

    Session Four

    • Review assignments
    • Focus on Action, Belief in self, Confidence, and Attitude.
    • Comparison report continuation
    • Review Personal Listening Profile
    • Leadership 363 Profile – discussion
    • Assignments – Flight of the Buffalo

    Session Five

    • Review assignments
    • Leadership 363 Profile
    • Flight of the Buffalo
    • The power of Storytelling
    • Questions before viewing and questions after viewing
    • Assignments – Work Expectations profile

    Session Six

    • Review assignments
    • Work Expectations profile
    • Review all that we have covered up to this point
    • Where do we need to go from here?

    The profiles that are utilized in the Everything DiSC® 363™ for Leaders and Executive Coaching program are:

    • Everything DiSC® 363™ for Leaders.
    • Everything DiSC® 363™ for Leaders Coaching Supplement
    • Coping and Stress Profile
    • Personal Listening Profile
    • Work Expectations profile
    • The program will also utilize our newest book, Life's Journey-Find Your Place to Stand and Build the Right Future.

    Note: This is a program which requires the organization to have their own EPIC account. It is a rather complex process and involves the direct assistance of the account administrator.

    Superman Management™


          Program Overview

    PROGRAM CONTENT: A powerful program that utilizes the 26-page Everything DiSC® Management Profile.

    PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Everything DiSC Management helps managers

    • Develop their styles
    • Improve communication
    • Increase engagement
    Target Audience:

    • Those in managerial positions who need to bring out the best in each of their employees by managing them more effectively. This program is for those at all levels of managerial positions and those aspiring to or soon to be placed in a management position.

    Note: The program is presented in six modules which encompass the following goals and objectives.

    Goals and Objectives:

    • Learn about the DiSC® model and how it informs the role of manager.
    • Discover your management style on the Everything DiSC Management Map.
    • Explore the priorities that drive your management style.
    • Explore the influence your management style has on how you manage time, make decisions, and approach problems.
    • Discover how your style helps shape your day as a manager.
    • Learn a method for recognizing other people's DiSC styles.
    • Learn about your natural directing and delegating style.
    • Identify the directing and delegating needs of different people.
    • Write an action plan for improving how you direct and delegate to a person you manage.
    • Learn how you affect the motivation of others.
    • Recognize what different people find motivating and demotivating.
    • Write an action plan for creating a more motivating environment for someone you manage.
    • Learn about your natural style of developing others.
    • Identify the development preferences of different people.
    • Write an action plan for developing a specific employee.
    • Consider how your manager might see you.
    • Discover different approaches for getting buy-in from your manager.
    • Write an action plan for improving how you work with your manager.

    Building Bridges to Stronger Relationships

    At the very core of all of our training is our primary focus on building better more effective relationships that will produce results. For the past 16 years Rose and Darryl have been Inscape Publishing distributors. Inscape is a world leader in instrumented learning profiles and people-skills solutions. These learning tools are incorporated into numerous programs to enhance learning and awareness. They include such instruments as the DiSC® Classic, Personal Listening Profile®, The Everything DiSC® Classic Family of products which includes such powerful items as the Everything DiSC® Sales; Everything DiSC® Management; Everything DiSC® Workplace; Everything DiSC® 363™ for Leaders; and the Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Applications.

    You may wish to visit: demo.everythingdisc.com to discover even more information on these powerful new programs.

    Change Management


    The one thing in life that we know is going to happen, the one thing that we know we can count on, is change itself. This learning experience is very timely in regards to our current economy and all the struggles attached to it. In order to successfully move forward organizations must be able to effectively deal with change. This is the program for you!

    "The World Has Changed and We Must Change With It."

    President Obama

    Change happens! It is a fact of life. It can be a negative change like the loss of a job, downsizing, acquisitions, a lack of stability, an uncertain future, and all the emotional feelings, which go along with it. Change can also be positive; new opportunities, security, a reenergizing of individuals, teams, the coming together of an entire work force and company. It can be journey from frustrating resistance to fulfilling engagement. Fortunately, there is now a learning process to successfully make this journey.

    The Odyssey of Change is a one or two-day (depending upon your needs and the options selected), highly interactive program and is everything you need to help your work force get on board with needed change. It includes all of the following presented by The Learning Service, Ltd. Train the trainer is also available.

    Part I
    Transition--The Personal Path through Change
         A time-tested transition model

    • Endings--What it was like
      Something has changed or is changing and you must leave the familiar behind as you go forward.
    • The Neutral Zone--What it's like now
           The past is behind you, but you are confused or apprehensive about the future. You may feel lost, and you may need to wait before exploring what is ahead.
    • New Beginnings--What will be
           You're ready to make the most of the new situation, visualize a better future and capitalize on change.
    • This program includes the Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile.

    Part II (optional)

    Managing Work Expectations • Transforming Attitudes

    • Helps your associates to manage their work expectations. People who have clearly defined, well communicated expectations have better attitudes and enjoy greater job satisfaction than people whose expectations go unspoken or unrealized.
    • Explore ten key work expectations: 1. Recognition 2. Autonomy 3. Expression 4. Career growth 5. Diversity 6. Teamwork 7. Structure 8. Comfort 9. Balance 10. Stability


    • Higher employee productivity
    • Greater adaptability
    • Improved innovation during times of change
    • Less conflict
    • Creates stability
    • Alleviates fear
    • Reenergizes your work force
    • Improve associates' outlook and enhance their attitude toward work
    • Enjoy the benefits of increased job satisfaction and improved Performance.

    "The Success of Your Organization
    Depends Upon the Performance of Your People"

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